Design Process/Commitment to Service

To initiate the design process, we will set up a time to meet with you to conduct a site visit of your residence. A site visit is vital, because it allows us to establish an accurate estimate of the scope of work to be performed. While onsite, we will discuss your overall goals for the project, ideas to incorporate, and creative and functional ways of achieving the desired end-result.

Once a scope has been defined, we will propose an Agreement for Landscape Design that will assess the design fee associated with your project, define parameters of the intended designs, highlight the inclusions and exclusions and provide an overview of what the design process will encompass.

Upon acceptance of the Agreement for Landscape Design, we will schedule a time to gather all pertinent information needed to begin the design process.

Once the first phase of design is in place, we will arrange another meeting with you to go over the direction of your design. As part of our commitment to providing the best service possible, it is important in this phase that our client’s input is sought to make certain we are heading in the right direction.

Upon completion of the final design, we will provide you with a line-itemed estimate showing quantities and prices of proposed design elements. In addition, we will go over the phases of landscape construction to consult you in the proper way a project effectively comes together.

Finally, the line-item estimate will be incorporated into the Contract and a payment schedule will be agreed upon. Once a retainer/deposit is received a tentative schedule date is set.

Now that you know the process, ready to get started?